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What You Need To Know When Differentiating Between Indica And Sativa

The cannabis plant, popularly referred to as weed all over the world has two strains that are very hard to tell apart. If asked, most of the consumers have no idea about this and therefore can hardly tell the difference. You can tell the difference, however, by checking into a little more detail. See below how to tell the difference between Indica and Sativa.

The origin of the two strains is actually very different and that is one of the ways you can tell the difference. Indica prefers the central Asian climate and the Indian countries while Sativa prefers the more warmer equatorial climate like Thailand, Southern Asia and Mexico. Sativa is best grown outdoors and thrives in it while the best yields for Indica are achieved when it is grown indoors. Indica is sturdy, short and has wide leaves while Sativa has thinner leaves and is taller. Sativa takes about 60 -90 days to bud while Indica takes about the 45 -60 days to bud.

The plants have very major differences that can be easily noted. To plant the right variety, it would be good to consider how the plants look before you choose which one to plant. If your preferred variety is sativa, then you should look out for a plant with narrow leaves. Because the leaves are scattered on the branches, the sativa plant looks light and airy. You cannot grow them indoors because they grow up to 20 feet tall when they are mature.

Indica on the other hand has broader leaves which grow very close to each other. You will clearly tell the difference because unlike sativa, the indica plant is very dense and looks bushy. Indica even in maturity is significantly shorter compared to sativa which enables it to grow indoors. Indica takes between 45 to 60 days to flower while sativa takes between 60 and 90 days. Harvest time is also shorter for indica because when it flowers, the buds are around the corner and the harvest follows.

While contrasting between sativa and indica, it is crucial to keep in mind the fundamental element of effects they both have when consumed. Sativa and Indica offer alternatives and best prescription ever according to one’s requirements. It is also important to note that the effect they have determine the kind of activities one could engage to. You should also consider that when in need of boosting your adrenaline levels, sativa is the way to go while Indica gives a solution to a soothing atmosphere.

The flavor sativa and Indica produces is also crucial to keep in mind. Indica has a sweet flavor. Sativa works best in relieving fatigue. On the other hand, Indica has been proven to provide a powerful and effective solution to nervousness and lack of sleep.

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